Супермощь – для операторов
Инсайты – для менеджеров
Рост выручки – для бизнеса
Increasing CC metrics by introducing a prompter with personal adaptive recommendations based on expert and data approaches
Objection Handling, Customer Openers, Conversions and Revenue
Answering questions, solving problems, Satisfaction and Retention
Compliance according the law, Security controls and Risk mitigation
Level of automation, user-friendliness of interfaces and Speed / Quality
Growth your Metrics
  • +32%
    Visits to residential complex sales offices
  • +25%
  • +38%
    Credit and insurance products
  • +23%
    Accompanying products and services
How It Works
Guidance Checklist Online
Dynamic changed and personalized cue
Guidance Checklist for each call
Tracking the pronunciation of recommendations
Questions & Objections
Knowledge base for fast answering
Data-based effective objections handling
Dynamic timely hints
Reports & Analytics
Reports for operators, products, metrics, calls
Analysis of the dependence between conversion metrics and cue presence
Real metrics for each call
Quality Assurance
Evaluation of the script following
Scoring cards with various criteria for operators
Trusted insights based on successful dialogues
Compliance Incidents
Tips on how to fix the incident
Muting timely detected incident
Signaling to the security service
Education & Perfomance
Educational tips based on the dialogue result
Debriefing with the managing manager
Process gamification
Expert Scripts Adaptation
Together with a partner consulting agency, changes are provided in the script for the growth of metrics
Key Technologies Inside
  • Online ASR
    Built-in ASR, company-wide, online recognition
  • NLP
    Replica Classification, NER, and the Dialog Engine
  • Sentiment
    Evaluation of the emotional color and reaction of the client
  • Profiling
    Defining a customer typology for a high-level personalization
With & Without us
With CC-Prompter
Call Analysis
Selective, with implausible conclusions
100% cover, with transparent insights
Best Practices
Depends on operators qualification
Scaling to the work of each operator
Request processing speed
Looking through all manual guides
At the time of question
Operators on-boarding cycle
Several weeks for peak efficiency
After several hours of system usage
Metrics changes
Plateau or decreasing
Boosting for each period
And also!
Standard inefficient processes
Advanced system
Call Center for Credit Cards Sales
Context: The bank needs to accelerate the training of sales managers due to their high turnover. I would like to shorten the learning process through individual recommendations online, the use of which will keep the performance of new operators at the current level.
Solution: The operator's prompter upgrades the training system for sales managers, provides online recommendations for following the script, answering questions and working out objections.
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